Ongoing Healthcare Training Courses

Continuing Education For Health Professionals

Ongoing Healthcare Continuing Education Courses


CPR Courses

  • We offer on-site training for all levels of American Heart CPR certifications.
    • Heartsavor / AED
    • Healthcare provider / AED

Accident Scene Management for the Motorcyclist

  • Often times a Motorcyclist is the first on the scene of a motor cycle crash.  This course educates the motorcyclist on the various aspects of accident scene management from safety to stabilization of the injured.

First Aid Education Classes

  • First Aid Education Classes customized to your personal needs and interest.

STEMI  (ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction)

  • This is an American Heart Association course for health care providers who need training in emergency 12 lead ECG and STEMI recognition and treatment skills.
  • Learning objectives for this course include:
    • Participants will be able to describe the STEMI chain of survival
    • List immediate action steps to identify patients with symptoms of ACS and ECG finding of STEMI to reduce time to re perfusion
    • Describe the anatomy of the heart
    • Define ACS (acute coronary syndrome) and its pathophysiology
    • Identify symptoms that may be ischemic in etiology
    • Distinguish the difference between ACS and MI
    • Describe how to acquire a technically good 12-lead ECG
    • Differentiate a normal 12-lead ECG from a 12-lead ECG with ischemic/injury changes as well as identify patterns of ECG abnormalities that require rapid re perfusion and cath lab team activation.

ECG and Pharmacology Course

  • This is an American Heart Association course
  • Learning objectives
    • Describe heart anatomy and basic electro-physiology
    • Explain normal ECG measurements
    • Recognize and understand basic cardiac arrhythmia’s
    • Know basic ACLS drugs and usage
    • Understand drug doses and routes of administration during cardiovascular emergencies

Pediatric Course

  • The Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS) course is an American Heart Course designed for the healthcare provider who infrequently see critically ill children.  Great course for school nurses.
  • Learning objectives
    • Main focus is prevention, recognition, assessment and stabilization for children at risk for cardiopulmonary distress.
    • Teaches students how to assess, categorize and act early in stabilizing the sick or injured child.
    • This course follows the guidelines that the AHA uses for its pears course.
    • Contact hours will be provided upon completion of the course.

** All courses can be done on-site if requested.


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